Remaining Young

by Brian St. John

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this record was painstakingly recorded live by a rock and roll band with minimal overdubs. here are your players:

tom askin: c3 organ, piano, vocals
brian cornish: drum kit, soprano saxophone
eric lagg: four and five string electric bass guitars
bsj: electric guitars, vocals, coffee cup

w/ special guests

jon irizarry: piano on “occam’s razor,” dickey betts to your duane allman on “bold love,” vocals on most tracks
patrick maloney: percussion on “remaining young”

thank you: the best live band in the land - tom askin (for the vision), eric lagg (for the foundation), brian cornish (for making the music better for a decade) – all: for the friendship and musical freedom, joe webster for the patience, jon irizarry and patrick maloney for the time , talents and camaraderie, ray ferriola for the words, catherine kiff-vozza for the visuals, brian mcloughlin for the guidance, and jacque reardon for all of the above


released June 9, 2017

produced by tom askin, brian cornish, eric lagg, and bsj
recorded on 1/7/17 & 1/29/17 by tom askin and joe webster at ponderrosa studios in lafayette, n.j.
mixed and mastered by tom askin

all songs written by bsj except:
“bold love” lyrics by bsj, music by bsj & jon irizarry
“better off in his arms” lyrics by ray ferriola and bsj, music by bsj
“moon over brooklyn” lyrics by ray ferriola, music by bsj
all songs arranged by tom askin, brian cornish, eric lagg, and bsj

artwork by catherine kiff-vozza



all rights reserved


Brian St. John Branchville, New Jersey

Hailing from Sussex County NJ, Brian St. John is a guitarist for hire, singer-songwriter, and all around music fan. After a four year stint with his own eponymous quartet, he is releasing his first solo record in eight years. Citing Joe Jackson, Steely Dan, Jason Isbell, and Led Zeppelin as influences, St. John makes a sound reminiscent of his old soul ... more

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Track Name: nola
Sometimes you’re gonna win
Sometimes you’re gonna lose
It’s about the way you act
The way you do
Wind’s gonna blow
Kid’s gonna play
Time to make a comeback
What y’all gonna say

What’cha gonna do?
Run through the jungle
Stacked with silver and gold
Who you gonna be
The loser or the lover
Or just left in the cold

Pick up the pieces
Take another run
Dance another dance
You gotta feel someone
The sun’s gonna rise
Up another day
Clouds gonna turn
Back from gray

Track Name: bold love
Said that she was a lonely soldier
Fortunes beyond those paved in gold
Offered herself samples of torture
I became her refugee from the cold

Bold Love…like you never felt before
Bold Love…Sensing color from the shore
Bold Love…laid down at your feet
Bold Love…where our souls meet

Might seem so complicated
Stepping it up and getting it done
The wiser man from the tamer
Going back to once it was


(Chorus 2x)
Track Name: tranquility
Used to be a four-horse town
Ran down to just three
Two lane road north and south
But there’s only one of me

Lost in the majority
Couldn’t we all just use a hand
Assuming what I need to be
Don’t you wanna join the band
Don’t be so concerned with me
Guess you’ll never understand
Running with this heart of mine
Clear past where you will never see

Six years gone and broke
Skilled in the depravity
She said pot, wheel and she spoke
Chosen in captivity


They were gonna nurture my soul but you gotta start with one
Once felt warm in this place, it’s just smoke from the starter’s gun
Felt that westward sweep, trafficking in tranquility
Made up for lost time, following yellow lines, swept into the sea

Track Name: save my soul
Evangelize me…start it with a prayer
Make it feel like you love me…make it feel like you care
Choose me…”I” is at the center of pride
Try to understand me…pass the plate so we survive

Save my soul
Save my soul…save my soul

Rescue me…working in tough times
Makes a man restless…deep down inside
Call upon me…send me on my way
Broken and took me…pay, love, and obey


[repeat 1st verse and Chorus]
Track Name: occam's razor
The house was a little bit colder this morning
Little bit of chill gone from the March air
Out the window, the frost burnt my windshield
Guess I couldn’t even care

Bills are piling up on the table
Bottles stacked up behind the bar
Favorite ripped sweater on the ole rocking chair
Has been wondering where you are

Cutting through the wind of disillusion
Memory of who we used to be
Subsequent seductions tried to bring me down
Lost between pride and reality

Want the insights of the inside man
Like a cold rose searching for the heat
Staring outward while asking inward
Full circle to complete

Investigation of a lonely wanderer
Burnin’ like a flash in the pan
Honey’s always sweeter on a younger man’s tongue
We’d all get it that way if we can

House was a little bit colder this morning
Little bit of chill gone from the March air
Out the window, lost in the shadows
Guess I couldn’t even care
Track Name: remaining young
Not again…wish I was dead
Refreshing memories…punching holes right through my head
In circumstances…I was wise
Felt like a good idea at the time

The attempt of remaining young

Arguments…mad enough to sing
Hurting feelings over stupidest of things
Left with pictures of a man
Without experience to save himself when he can


Windowless car on the road
Been the driver long enough don’t you know
Run aground…or in the ditch
Get out and take a look just see which is which

(Chorus 3x)
Track Name: (your girl may look good on a friday night) but how 'bout the rest of the week
Another week in the mines counting time on the road outside of town
Too many early morning and late nights, cars passing at the speed of sound
Heat on the highway, blacktop roles with no shade for a hundred miles
Threw off that old sweat stained shirt for a Thursday out on the tiles
Starting the truck when from the porch that shout starts to leak
That girls may look good on a Friday night but how ‘bout the rest of the week

With her on your side your turning heads when you just want a shot and a beer
Thought you had cash, tried your card, but that damn thing just won’t clear
She had a little fun shopping online and a Tuesday out with the girls
Job didn’t work out cleaning your account with rounds of Rusty Nails with a twirl
Kicking in your door at 1am, work’s calling while you’re trying to sleep
That girl may look good on a Friday night but how ‘bout the rest of the week

Rubbing your eyes and buttoning your shirt, pulses knocking at the side of your brain
Gotta get ready for another turn sweating it out in the mundane
Six months out from winning your pride when you sent her headed for the trees
Stone cold lonely cowboy running with a brand-new pack of thieves
When you’re outta money honey don’t come running with your good old time mystique
That girl may look good on a Friday night but how ‘bout the rest of the week

Thought you’d come around in that short black dress working your old technique
That girl may look good on a Friday night but how ‘bout the rest of the week
Track Name: better off in his arms
Before you were famous, on the night’s that we met
On the red eye from Vegas, I’ll never forget
The whole world was sleeping
And you’re searching for me…

Gave me your life story, you already knew mine
Destined for glory, but all in due time
Secrets your keeping
Oh what could you hide

City lights glow, a view from the stars
Like constellations below
The world was ours
But you and I know
I’ve gotta let you go
‘Cause your better…off…in his arms
In his arms

On your inner right thigh, an Orion tattoo
One written in Thai saying, “I love you”
A lonely lyric just
Searching for a tune

It’s all so sublime, it’s all so surreal
Just a matter of time before the truth is revealed
Shake my melted ice
Tryin to look smooth


This big bird lands
It’s outta my hands
You’re better off in his arms
This big bird lands
It’s outta my hands
You’re better off in his arms
Track Name: one last day
Took a photograph in my mind last night
It was beautiful and the colors rang like the sun
The lights reflected dark off the sky
If I had enough time I’d remember it all

I’ll let my mind cloud my memory
Try to hope again, love again, one more way
Let the water fall down and consume me
Try to push my heart through one last…one last day

I threw my thoughts out onto a page
But every damn thing is starting to look the same
Dug in and dug out over time until I fall
And there’s no one but myself left to blame


Perhaps my heart and hell will freeze over
Run through those trials I’ve had before
One day you’ll be there cutting the smoke
‘Cause Babylon is coming and there’s nothing left to pour

Track Name: moon over brooklyn
Why’s it always so much colder in Brooklyn
I swear I hear her voice in the wind
Shoots right through me like she knew me forever
Tomorrow I’ll wake up in Brooklyn again

Streets so quiet now at four in the morning
Alone with my thoughts and shadows in the night
Our love began and ended without warning
Alone in Brooklyn in the morning light

(Chorus #1)
There’s a moon over Brooklyn that’s calling her name
And I helplessly follow it’s light
To a place where I know that I’ll never be the same
There’s a moon over Brooklyn now again tonight

Walked from Bed-Stuy on down to Coney Island
To a place where we first fell in love
Memories of her walking with me smiling
Moment in time I’m still dreaming of

(Chorus #2)
There’s a moon over Brooklyn that’s taking her hand
Leading us straight into the night
Two young lovers just walking in the sand
There’s a moon over Brooklyn now again tonight

Wonder if she’s somewhere walking in the same moon
Wonder if she’s somewhere thinking of me
Lost in a love that ended too soon
But it lives on…endlessly

(Chorus #1)